Tunisia: These AMAZIGHS words that are always in our dialect

Mar 20, 2019 by

The history of Tunisia is marked by several civilizations, including Punic, Andalusian, Italian, French … but above all Amazigh, this civilization that left its mark in our culture and in our dialect.

Many of us use words without being aware of their Amazigh origins.

Here are some Tunisian words used frequently by Tunisians but which are of Amazigh origins:

  • mimmi: baby
  • mjouder: brutal
  • mkachred: curly
  • msattek: stupid
  • mtaktek: crazy
  • ycharbek: who does anything
  • ydagdeg: who breaks
  • ydahdess: the night when we walk and we do not know where we are going
  • yedahness: cuddle
  • yetbahnes: make fun of someone’s mouth
  • yfarees: who does anything
  • yguermech: chew
  • ykhammel: tidy up, put in order
  • ykhanteb: who writes anything
  • allouch: sheep
  • barkous: old sheep
  • babboush: snail
  • fakroun: turtle
  • falous: chick
  • farzazzou: bumblebee
  • farzit: cicada
  • fartattou: butterfly
  • ga3lallou, grallou: cockroach
  • hallouf: pig, pig
  • khanfous: insect
  • sardouk: old cock
  • namous, washwech: Mosquito
  • chlaghem: mustaches
  • guerjouma: the throat
  • mgharfa: a spoon
  • Harboucha: tablet. It comes from “obrech” which means crush, cut into small pieces.

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