Thadath N Arif: A Rifian Cultural Center in Belgium

Mar 21, 2019 by

Thaddath N Arif means the House of the Rif, it’s an new cultural center in Begium that aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Rif in Europe. This objective can, in particular, be achieved by creating spaces for debate and exchange around themes that affect the Rif or the Rifian diaspora in Belgium.

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, Thaddath N Arif is organizing a conference entitled: “The cultural specificities of the Rif, what are we talking about exactly? “,whose guest of honor is the historian Ahmed Tahiri who is the author of several books about the Rif and who will give us an overview on the history of the Rif and its cultural diversity. This conference will be moderated by Ms. Sabiha El Youzghi, General Secretary of Thaddath N Arif, who will present to the public the projects and the final objectives of the Association. In addition, she will look at this theme and how important it is for understanding the sociological reality of Rifian immigration to Belgium.

The works will be concluded with a concert animated by three of the most prominent artists in the Rif:

  • Hafid Thifridjas
  • Ithban Narif

Thadath N Arif (House of the Rif) seeks to highlight the cultural heritage of the rural countries of the country of Belgium, by clearing the areas of debate and exchange of views on rural-related topics and its people living in Belgium.

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