Tamazight Arrives Soon on Google Translate

Mar 24, 2019 by

Google has finally agreed to include Amazigh language within the languages available in its Google Translate service.

On Wednesday (March 20th), Google’s administration contacted the “La Rando” association, which launched a campaign to add Amazigh to the translation languages in Google Translate to inform it officially about the addition of Amazigh to translation languages.

The development of digital dictionaries and basic databases to activate the translation process from English to Amazigh has been initiated as a first step before the process includes the rest of the languages in the future.

“La Rando”, based in Alsace, France, headed by Moroccan Amazigh activist Karim Akshar, is the initiator of Google’s campaign to add Amazigh to Google’s translation languages.

In 2016, Facebook had already taken the plunge, three years after having promised, by offering the Tifinagh keyboard and Tamazight as the language of use of the social network alongside a hundred other languages. In 2015, Apple added Tamazight to its IOS 9 operating system. In 2012, Microsoft also integrated the Amazigh language into Windows 8, including writing in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

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