Song Cfiγ (I Remember), Idir

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I remember as if it were yesterday
when the locusts arrived
from the east and west
the adrum was not able to resist them.
Me, you had put me in the cradle
but mother, I wasn’t sleeping.
I remember you compared me
to the green grapes.
You told me that when I was born
our enemies did not want us [to have another male].
You rejoiced as I grew up.
The lamp in the courtyard was lit.


I remember as if it were yesterday
the clouds covered the moon,
the catch of the trigger had let go,
a heat wave consumed the country.
You looked at me, oh mother,
I saw how full your heart was.
You said to me, “you, oh my son,
glowing beignet of wheat.”
You put me in charge of my brother.
I will watch over him as he grows.
I will find him at my side.
He who is without fraternity is to be pitied.


Cfiγ amzun d idelli
mi d-yebbwed wejrad tara
ccerq llγerb yetteggir
adrum ur yezmir ara.
Nekk terrid-iyi γer dduh
a yemma ur ttiseγ ara.
Cfiγ tmutelt-iyi
γer tzurin bbwafrara.
Tennid-iyi asmi d-luleγ
aεedawen ur-aγ-bγin ara.
Yis-i tferhed mi muqreγ.
Tuγ-am teftilt di lhara.


Cfiγ amzun d idelli
γef usigna mi gγumm aggur
acekkal yeγli-d i zznad
tamurt içça-u unaγur.
Tmuqled-ed deg-i a yemma
walaγ ul-im amek yeççur.
Tennid-iyi keçç a mmi
tahbult g girden mi tnur.
Twessad-iyi γef gma.
Ad beddeγ γur-es ad yimγur.
A-t-afeγ γer tuyat-iw.
W’ur nesεi tagmau mehqur

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