Song Isefra, Idir

Apr 18, 2019 by

Let us rise and begin to sing praises,
we will praise everyone here.
You, for whom we are gathered in celebration,
oh son of Tanina.
It’s you to whom your comrades look
in the hour of need.


I am walking in the plain,
the lavender is in bloom.
The horsemen passed by
in a thunderous stampede.
Oh handsome groom, mount your horse,
go to the front of their ranks, oh beautiful bird.


Oh silk scarf,
beautifully adorned.
The eagle has attached you
above his brows.
His name is known in every tribe
and even in the cities.


A nekker a nebdu cekkran
A ncekker kra da.
Keççini a bab n tmeγra
A mmi-s n tnina.
Yis-ek i nedhent tezzyiwin
Di tizi lγila.


La lehhuγ luda luda
yejjujeg umezzir.
Atan εadden-d yemnayen
s rrekba d zzhir.
A yuzyin serrej aεewdiw
ezwir ay itbir.


A timehremt n lehrir
a m’ tballiwin.
Yeqqen-ikem-id lbaz ukyis
sennig tεeyunin.
Ism-is inuda lεerac
yerna timdinin.

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