Libya: Laying the foundation stone for the construction of the Amazigh Studies and Research Center

Mar 15, 2019 by

On Wednesday, March 13, the mayor of Zuwara, Hafiz Ben Sassi, laid the cornerstone for the project of the Amazigh Studies Building, which is being implemented by the Municipal Council of Zuwara under the supervision of the Municipal Projects Office. This civil project aims at preserving the language, culture and heritage of Amazigh Peopple and supporting it at the level of Libya.

The company, which is in charge of the implementation work, started the construction process, which is scheduled to take 90 days, according to what was published by the municipality of Zuwara on its Facebook page.

The Dean of the Municipality “Hafed ben Sassi” said in his speech that this building is supported and under the direct supervision of the Municipality of Zuwara, which in its entirety will be a cultural beacon of Amazigh identity and all the studies and research that concern them.

The mayor said that the administrative building will be ready in a maximum of 90 days during which the keys will be handed over to the administration of the center, hoping that the center will be used well and serve Amazigh language.

For his part, the president of the Center for Studies and Research of Amazigh Language, Anwar Pascal, in his speech on this occasion thanked the Mayor of the Municipality Zuwara, as well as the member of the municipality, “Issam El Hamssi, for their efforts and desire to implement this project and to adopt this center.

The precident of the center said that this building is part of a very large work that we want to achieve, pointing out that to work in this facility needs to intensify efforts to develop our language and identity to contribute together to raise our nation.

The Center for Studies and Research in Amazigh will conduct studies and research on the history, culture and language of Amazigh and prepare educational curricula for all levels of the Amazigh language. said
Ben Sassi

Ben Sassi noted that “Amazigh language is currently taught in basic education schools and a section has been opened for it at the Faculty of Education of Zuwara, stressing that, The Amazigh Studies and Research Center was adopted by a decision of the Presidential Council.

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