Amazigh Quotes and Proverbs
The most beautiful words of Berber wisdom to live better life

In Berbers, the proverb or “Inzan” requires special interest. It is described as a living word or “Awar Iddaren” in reference to the implicit meaning that differentiates it from ordinary speech. It is enough in a circle of friends to quote a Berber proverb to arouse more listening and interest. It is clear that we no longer apply this philosophy of life that was so dear before, we have therefore selected the best proverbs to follow to live a free and better life:

Notes for reading:

  • x = kh  
  • ǧ = dg as in idǧuz 
  • ḏ = dh as in aḏrar/iḏwa 
  • ɣ = gh as in tamaziɣt
  • ṯ = th as in ṯiṭawin  
  • č = ch 

Isriwriw i wḍahčar Ičatah i wḍaɣar |he Sings to the deaf and dancing to the blind


Sra ɣari, mači xafi | Listen to me not about me


Amja ḏ weni, bedranas fuss waha | The sickle is the same, only the hand is changed

adenbi n souq

Wani i trajan war i triz |whoever waits, will not be hungry


amjjar war izri ṯifaɣi ness | the sickle does not see that it is twisted.