British Archaeologists discover an ancient Amazigh archaeological site in southern Tunisia dating back to 100,000 BC

Mar 22, 2019 by

British archaeologists discovered in Tunisia one of the most ancient inhabited areas in ancient times and dates back to about 80 to 100 thousand years and includes the effects of ancient civilization confirms that North Africa is one of the oldest regions of the world that knew the first forms of civilization since the times of pre-history.

A researcher at the National Institute of Heritage in Tuzur told the Mosaic radio station that “this archaeological discovery is one of the oldest archaeological sites of the prehistoric period in Tunisia and dates back to a period of 80 to 100 thousand years.” The scientists also proved the presence of human at the site with what was found of some of the tools he used.

The archaeological site, uncovered by Tunisian and British archaeologists from Oxford University, is located in the southern desert town of Nafta, on an area of about seven hectares.

It is noteworthy that the city of Nefta, is an Ancient Amazigh city located in southern Tunisia and is full of many of the Amazigh ancient exploits. The famous American movie Star Wars has adopted many of those Amazigh exploits in portraying many of the movie’s viewers as live scenes, which have dazzled many of the world’s film experts

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