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Anya: The silent music

Arenas: The name of a beautiful rose called “Léo Ferré”

Basil:  Traditional Name

Celine: White grapes, a name of the wife of King Amazigh Yuba II

Dassin:  A famous poet of the Tuareg.

Guraya:  Name of a saint in Kabylia, the singers sang many Kabylia

Hennu:  Traditional Name

Herru:   Idaw traditional name for the Tanana (Morocco)

Ighudan: Beatiful

Ijja:  Traditional Name

Ijju:  Traditional Name

Illi:  My daughter

Inas: Say good and balanced words

Intmayan: The pure white of snow above the tops of the mountains

Ittu:  Traditional Name

Izza:  Traditional Name

Kella:  Name Hinan Tin Girl, Queen of Tuareg

Kweller:  Traditional Name

Lalla/Ralla:  Term of respect

Lunja:  Heroine of a fairy

Mamma:  “Expensive toy.” Traditional name in southeastern Morocco

Mammas: Traditional Name

Markunda:  Name found in Chaouis (Singer Markunda Aurès)

Masilia: Elegance.

Mattia: The Lady of Women.

Maya: The echo of the mountains

Meghighda: Traditional Name (Poet Meghighda n Atiq Ayt)

Menna:  Traditional Name

Natir: The flower of the olive tree.

Numidia: The name of the mother of the Amazigh king Yogurten and also called the Kingdom of Amazigh “Kingdom of Numidia”

Numinsa: The name of a beautiful rose called Sweet Love

Salissa: The superior

Silya: Charming in her beauty.

Siman:  Two souls (the father and mother).

Sinim:  Two souls (the father and mother).

Suvinia: wife of the Amazigh king Vermos

Tadefi:  The smoothness

Taderfit  Emancipation

Tadla  Branch

Tafalkayt:  The beautiful

Tafrit: small female gazelle.

Tafsut:  Spring

Tafukt:  The sun

Tagafayt: Extracted from a place name

Taghbalut:  The source

Tagwerramt:  The pious, holy

Tagwilalt:  Agwilal female form.

Tagwillult:  Extracted from a place name

Tagwizult: The brave

Thiyya:  It’s nice

Tajeddigt:  The flower

Takama:  Faithful following Hinan Tin, Queen Tuareg

Takensust:  Excerpted from ethnonym

Taksimt  Excerpted from ethnonym

Tala:  The source of water

Tales: The finest type of dates Tuareg gates.

Tamalut:  The shadow

Tamanart:  The constellation of Orion, the guide

Tamaynut:  The new

Tamayyurt:  The full moon

Tamazight:  The Barbary

Tamazzalt:  The sacrificial

Tamenzut:  The first

Tamesmutt: Extracted from a place name

Tamimt: The delight

Tamlalt: Gazelle.

Tamment:  Honey, which has the softness of honey

Tamseggint:  Extracted from a place name

Tanamart:  The happy

Tanazart:  The challenging

Tanebdatt:  The support

Tanefzawit: Youcef ben wife Tachafin

Tanirt:  The angel

Taniri: The Desert

Tasafut  The torch

Tasekkurt: Partridge

Tasili: The girl’s softness.

Tatbirt:  Dove

Taweckint:  Branch

Tawenza:  All

Tawzalt:  Extracted from a place name

Taylalt: The bird

Tayri:  Love

Tazellayt:  The pendant

Tazenkwet:  Gazelle

Tazerwalt:  The former Blue Eyes

Tazikit:  Extracted from a place name

Tazrurt:  The beautiful

Tazrzit:  The fibula

Tecwwa: It’s nice

Tedus:  The strong

Tihya / Dihya: The name of the most famous Amazigh queen, meaning the Belle.

Tinas: The Key to Goodness

Tidar:  The living

Tidir: The living

Tifawt: Light

Tilelly: Freedom

Timuma: Pure honey is called the beloved girl.

Tinghan:  Ours

Tinhinan:  Tuareg Queen would be native to the Tafilalet (Morocco)

Tinifsan:  The open

Tinitran: Of the stars

Tinsin:  The two (parents)

Tintadefi:  The smoothness of

Tintafukt:  The sun

Tintfsut:  The spring

Tintifawin:  The light

Tintlelli:  The freedom

Tintziri:  The Moonlight

Tinwurgh:  The Golden Girl

Titrit: The star

Tiwul:  The heart

Tizemt:  The lioness

Tiziri: Moonlight

Tlafulki:  The nice (you beauty)

Tlatig:  Has value

Tlat:  Possesses

Tlaytmas:  The first and biggest daughter

Tsul:  Is alive

Tuda:  It is enough

Tudatt:  The mouflon (female)

Tudart: Life

Tufayyur:  More beautiful than the moon

Tufitran:  More beautiful than the stars

Tufitri: Prettier than the star

Tuftafukt:  The sun

Tuftent:  More beautiful than them. The most beautiful

Tuftifawt:  More beautiful than light

Tugertent: Older than themselves. The largest.

Tumart:  Happiness

Tunaruz: The hope 

Tusman: Jasmine Flower

Tzeddig : The pure

Tzila:  The sublime

Ultafa:  The summit

Ultasila: The Plain

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