Amazigh Boys Names -IWETHMAN

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Aderfi:  The released

Afalkay:  The beautiful

Afaw:  The bright

Afer: The African

Afra:  Peace

Afulay:  Apuleius, Berber writer (died 180). Author of a book in Latin entitled “Golden Donkey”

Agafay: Locality. Morocco’s southern region known for its beautiful women.

Agerzam:  The cheetah

Aghbalu:  The source

Aghilas:  The leopard, panther

Agizul:  The brave

Agwectim  Extracted from a place name

Agwilal: It is used in poetic language (southwest of Morocco) to describe the beauty

Agwillul:  Excerpted from ethnonym

Ajeddig:  The flower

Akensus:  Excerpted from ethnonym

Aksel/Koceila : The tiger

Aksim:  Excerpted from ethnonym

Amalu: The shadow

Amanar: Constellation Orion

Amara: The writer

Amaynu:  The new

Amayyas:  The new

Amazigh:  The free man (the Berber)

Amazzal:  The sacrifice, the emissary

Ameghnass: Thewarrior

Amesggin: Excerpted from ethnonym

Amess: Sage (scientific)

Amestida:  The protector, defender

Amnay:  The knight

Anamar:  The happy

Anaruz:  Hope

Anaz:  The challenge and one that defies

Anebdad: The support

Angad: Extracted from a place name (region of Oujda)

Anir:  The angel

Antal:  Chief Amazigh (the present-day Tunisia) who led an uprising against the Byzantine emperor Justinien 1st. +547 Died in combat.

Areksim:  The caracal (Lynx Africa)

Asafa:  The remedy

Asafu:  The torch

Asfru:  The poem

Aslal: Honey (quality)

Asmun: The companion

Assala:  Pillar of the house for Kabylie.

Asulil:  The rock

Atbir:  Dove

Atrar:  The modern

Awsim:  Gazelle fawn

Awzal:  Excerpted from ethnonym

Aylal:  The bird

Ayrad:  The lion (see “yirat”)

Ayyur  The moon

Azayku  The ancestral

Azellay  The pendant

Azenkwed:  Gazelle (male)

Azenzer:  The light beam

Azerwal:  The man’s blue eyes

Aziki:  Excerpted from ethnonym

Aznag: Race Iznaga (véase.Ibn Khaldoun)

Azrur:  The beautiful

Azulay:  The man with beautiful eyes

Badis: Name borne by several kings Amazigh, in particular, Badis “the Hammadite”

Bukkus:  King of Mauretania (~ 110 before J. – C.), father of Yugerten (Jugurtha)

Hanibal: God’s beloved

Gwafa:  Summit’s son

Gwasila:  The son of the plain

Idder: Live

Idir:  Vital man

Ides: Is strong

Igider: The Eagle

Ikken: Traditional Name

Ilatig:  Has value

Ilayetmas: Have siblings

Irate: The lion (see “Ayrad”)

Isula:  Live

Itri: The star

Izdarasen : The powerful

Izem:  The Lion

Izemrasen:  The powerful

Izil: The sublime

Izri: Traditional Name

Jugurtha: Older, with the largest. It would be the origin of the name Jugurtha, king of the Berbers (118 – 105) who opposed the Romans. Died in prison in Rome -104.

Masinissa/ Massensen: Berber King (202 – 148)

Massin:  The generous

Magpie:  Amazigh King, who died about -208. Massinissa father. Son and brother Ulzasen Zelalsan.

Massil: Eastern Kingdom

Mazuz: The youngest brother

Medghis: The hinter

Maysar:  This water carrier become the head of the coalition of tribes Ghomara, and Miknasa Berghwata; was a revelation against Arab authority (to 740)

Meddur: The live

Meggaz: The blessed

Menna: Traditional name (meaning unknown)

Merin: Founder of the dynasty Mérinides

Munatas: Gathered around him

Saden: Tribu d ‘Ayt Saden

Sifaks:  The protecte. Syphax, king of Numidia Western Massinissa defeated at -203, -202 died in Rome.

Sifaw: The lightening

Tacfin:  Almoravide Berber king’s father, Ben Youcef Tachafin

Takfarinas:  It means their proud. Ancient Roman Army soldier, takes the head of a large uprising (17 – 24)

Tanana:  Excerpted from ethnonym

Udad : The mouflon

Ugwistan:  St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo (396), largest Christian writers.

Usaden:  Extracted from a place name

Usem:  Lightning

Usus:  Extracted from a place name

Wimmiden:  The worldwide

Winaruz:  The bearer of hope

Winifsan:  The open

Winitran: Of the stars

Winsen:  His

Wiwul: The heart

Wiwurgh: Made in gold

Yani: At Tribe Kabila Yani

Yattuy:  The large

Yuba: Name of several kings Berber. it means who keeps his word

Yufayyur: Nicer than the moon

Yufitran: Nicer than the stars

Yufitri: Nicer than a star

Yuften: better than, the best

Yur: Crescent

Ziri:The Moonlight (masc.)

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