Ralla Ṯammurṯ Inu

Apr 22, 2019 by

Notes for reading:x = kh ḏ = dh as in aḏrar/iḏwa ɣ = gh as in tamaziɣtṯ = th as in ṯittawin  č =...

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Arif is Love of my Heart

Apr 20, 2019 by

The Rif landed there on the other side We contemplate, we, young men and young women I think I see swallows before my eyes … Did he...

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Song Cfiγ (I Remember), Idir

Apr 19, 2019 by

I remember as if it were yesterday when the locusts arrived from the east and west the adrum was not able to resist them. Me, you had...

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Song Isefra, Idir

Apr 18, 2019 by

Let us rise and begin to sing praises,we will praise everyone here. You, for whom we are gathered in celebration,oh son of...

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Tamazight is Always our Tongue

Apr 17, 2019 by

On and on shinig like a moonWith its light blinding every goonMorning, night and noonHigher and brightly colored like a...

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